Thee are many people who want to lose weight, as lifestyle of present world has changed a lot, that’s why majority people are obese, so they think about losing weight via various methods.

Some choose gym, as they feel it can harmlessly help them get lean, but it is tough to continue the gym when you have limited passion of fitness as within month or so you will feel it is a burden on your life, whereas some people choose sports, which turns out the better option if you have lack of passion for fitness as once you start enjoying any kinda sport you will automatically get fitter day by day.

But the thing is which sport is best for fitness, for me Lacrosse has been one magical sport that gives me fun as well as keep me fit.

Lacrosse – Quick Fitness & Fun Sport


Lacrosse ts a sport played with sticks and ball, lacrosse sticks are built with head with net, so overall it needs a lot of skills to be played and also some power in your arms and legs as you will need to run a lot on this sport.

So while doing these things in tandem, you tend burn a lot of calories hence you will lose weight every week if you are playing 3-4 times a week and you will get leaner if you play lacrosse about every single day in a week.

Which means Lacrosse is one of the top sports for fitness, the only thing you need to care is choose right lacrosse stick to play with as it will help you improve and enjoy the game, choosing wrong lacrosse stick might make you lose your interest in the sport so make sure you choose the right one with right weight so you can play for long period of time.

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