If you are already playing Lacrosse or looking to get started in this sport then you must be aware of the fact that there are two types of lacrosse sticks that players use these days, one that are ready made by the companies and one that are manfully assembled by payers using different head and stick. So today we will we covering this point that will help you understand which stick you should choose to be at your best.

Ready Made Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners

Lacrosse Sticks

If you are beginner then ready made lacrosse sticks will perfectly suit you as you won’t have enough knowledge to manually choose head and stick, advance players can choose head according to their need & they will also know the quality they are choosing.

But as beginner always go for the ready made stick that suits your game-play, like if you are a goalie then you head needs to be larger in size, if you are defender then the stick needs to be longer so that you can keep attackers away, if you are an attacker then a normal but sturdy lacrosse stick will do the job, so overall by choosing the top brands featured best lacrosse sticks will do it for you.

And once you are aware of which kind of head suits you or which brand you like then you can start manual assembling of sticks, although that knowledge takes years to come so at first you should go with ready made lacrosse sticks as there are some top quality sticks available in the market right now.

This ends our topic on whether you should choose ready made or manually assembled sticks, we will com with another topic related to another sport, so bookmark avain101 so that you can read our latest lacrosse and other sports posts.

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