Is Lacrosse Safe for Kids

There are a number of parents who ask this question, their kids love playing lacrosse, but their parents are worried, whether it s safe sport for them or not.

Is Lacrosse Safe Sport for Kids?

Yes, Lacrosse is a safe sport for kids, considering they follow the rules and use specific equipment manufactured for kids.

There are some specific rules made for kids and specific equipment available to keep kids safe from any harm while they play lacrosse at schools and sports clubs.

5 Basic Rules for Kids in Lacrosse

  1. Kids are allowed to use soft lacrosse sticks and balls only.
  2. Kids are not allowed to have body to body, body to stick or stick to stick contact in lacrosse.
  3. Kids need to have both their hands on the lacrosse stick all the time during the game.
  4. Kids need to have full control of their body while playing lacrosse.
  5. Kids are not allowed to cover lacrosse ball with their lacrosse sticks at any point of time.

If your kids can follow these rules, then most likely they are safe in lacrosse, although there are some exception for those kids who are overly aggressive, they can harm themselves or their opponent, so make sure your kid knows the rules and respect opponent team. Considering parents can take care of these things and their kids can play by the rules, lacrosse is completely a safe sport for everyone.

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