Lacrosse is a sport for for both men and women, although there are different set of rules for both, as federation wanted it to be a safe sport for women’s.

So, because of some different rules, women’s can not buy the same lacrosse sticks that men use, so brands manufacture specific sticks for women having different needs and special skills.

How to Buy Quality Women’s Lacrosse Sticks?

Women's Lacrosse Sticks

These few things that you need to consider differently from the men’s lacrosse sticks, apart from these things, all other factors are same like weight, shaft, etc..

Light Handle

Most of the Women players chose lightweight handles because it gives them control and feel, although some players do go for heavy handle, but it is not recommended as you need to feel the ball in lacrosse and you will have better chance of doing so with light handle. Considering this, brands manufacture most of the sticks with light or medium weight handles, you can check out women’s lacrosse sticks reviews on thepicklesports to know some models that are popular among women players.


If you are a new player, then you must choose a shorter stick as it will help you learn the game quickly and grow as a player. Although it depends on your skill-set and your confidence level, you can search for a specific head on internet and get sticks.

In the End

In the end, I would like to mention that there are different sizing rules for women’s lacrosse sticks. The size of women’s stick should be between 35 ½ to 43 ¼ inches and the size of the head must be between 7 to 9 inches in width and deeper pockets are not allowed in women’s lacrosse. For more sizing rules you can check wikipedia page for women’s lacrosse, that’s where you will learn a lot. Although you don’t need to if you can consider only the main factors and read reviews about specific sticks, it can get your the best women’s stick.

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