Is Lacrosse Safe for Kids?

Is Lacrosse Safe for Kids

Is Lacrosse Safe for Kids

There are a number of parents who ask this question, their kids love playing lacrosse, but their parents are worried, whether it s safe sport for them or not.

Is Lacrosse Safe Sport for Kids?

Yes, Lacrosse is a safe sport for kids, considering they follow the rules and use specific equipment manufactured for kids.

There are some specific rules made for kids and specific equipment available to keep kids safe from any harm while they play lacrosse at schools and sports clubs.

5 Basic Rules for Kids in Lacrosse

  1. Kids are allowed to use soft lacrosse sticks and balls only.
  2. Kids are not allowed to have body to body, body to stick or stick to stick contact in lacrosse.
  3. Kids need to have both their hands on the lacrosse stick all the time during the game.
  4. Kids need to have full control of their body while playing lacrosse.
  5. Kids are not allowed to cover lacrosse ball with their lacrosse sticks at any point of time.

If your kids can follow these rules, then most likely they are safe in lacrosse, although there are some exception for those kids who are overly aggressive, they can harm themselves or their opponent, so make sure your kid knows the rules and respect opponent team. Considering parents can take care of these things and their kids can play by the rules, lacrosse is completely a safe sport for everyone.

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Should Women’s Choose Specific Lacrosse Sticks?

Women's Lacrosse Sticks

Lacrosse is a sport for for both men and women, although there are different set of rules for both, as federation wanted it to be a safe sport for women’s.

So, because of some different rules, women’s can not buy the same lacrosse sticks that men use, so brands manufacture specific sticks for women having different needs and special skills.

How to Buy Quality Women’s Lacrosse Sticks?

Women's Lacrosse Sticks

These few things that you need to consider differently from the men’s lacrosse sticks, apart from these things, all other factors are same like weight, shaft, etc..

Light Handle

Most of the Women players chose lightweight handles because it gives them control and feel, although some players do go for heavy handle, but it is not recommended as you need to feel the ball in lacrosse and you will have better chance of doing so with light handle. Considering this, brands manufacture most of the sticks with light or medium weight handles, you can check out women’s lacrosse sticks reviews on thepicklesports to know some models that are popular among women players.


If you are a new player, then you must choose a shorter stick as it will help you learn the game quickly and grow as a player. Although it depends on your skill-set and your confidence level, you can search for a specific head on internet and get sticks.

In the End

In the end, I would like to mention that there are different sizing rules for women’s lacrosse sticks. The size of women’s stick should be between 35 ½ to 43 ¼ inches and the size of the head must be between 7 to 9 inches in width and deeper pockets are not allowed in women’s lacrosse. For more sizing rules you can check wikipedia page for women’s lacrosse, that’s where you will learn a lot. Although you don’t need to if you can consider only the main factors and read reviews about specific sticks, it can get your the best women’s stick.

Is Lacrosse a Good Sport for Girls?

Is Lacrosse a good sport for Girls?

With sports, there are various things which one learns and Lacrosse is one such game which earlier considered to be of men. But it is not like that now over the years in Lacrosse many women have started taking interest in it. There are many benefits which make it one of the best sport for women.

Is Lacrosse a good sport for Girls?

  1. Improves the fitness level – By playing any game it makes a person fit and considered to be the best way of doing exercise. With lacrosse, girls can stay active and fit. They will have regular exercise and movement of the body which most people do not take care of in the normal routine life.
  2. Improve personality – With playing one gets a positive feeling with sportsmanship to take the things. With this, an individual can grow oneself and can nurture their traits more prominently. Every individual has strength but it could only be nurtured when it is being worked on. Through this one can nurture these traits easily.
  3. More socializing – Mostly in today’s time everyone sits at their confined place and does nothing of meeting the people. Moreover, the social world which is left these days is on social media. If a person is into sports then one will go outside to play and in real interaction with others directly and not through any electronic mode. This will enhance the socializing skills of a girl.

There are different benefits if a girl gets into playing lacrosse. These benefits had become prominent over time which makes it one of the preferred sports in school as well as by parents for their girl growth and betterment.

Manual Lacrosse Stick or Ready Made Stick?

Lacrosse Sticks

If you are already playing Lacrosse or looking to get started in this sport then you must be aware of the fact that there are two types of lacrosse sticks that players use these days, one that are ready made by the companies and one that are manfully assembled by payers using different head and stick. So today we will we covering this point that will help you understand which stick you should choose to be at your best.

Ready Made Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners

Lacrosse Sticks

If you are beginner then ready made lacrosse sticks will perfectly suit you as you won’t have enough knowledge to manually choose head and stick, advance players can choose head according to their need & they will also know the quality they are choosing.

But as beginner always go for the ready made stick that suits your game-play, like if you are a goalie then you head needs to be larger in size, if you are defender then the stick needs to be longer so that you can keep attackers away, if you are an attacker then a normal but sturdy lacrosse stick will do the job, so overall by choosing the top brands featured best lacrosse sticks will do it for you.

And once you are aware of which kind of head suits you or which brand you like then you can start manual assembling of sticks, although that knowledge takes years to come so at first you should go with ready made lacrosse sticks as there are some top quality sticks available in the market right now.

This ends our topic on whether you should choose ready made or manually assembled sticks, we will com with another topic related to another sport, so bookmark avain101 so that you can read our latest lacrosse and other sports posts.

Can You Lose Weight Playing Lacrosse?


Thee are many people who want to lose weight, as lifestyle of present world has changed a lot, that’s why majority people are obese, so they think about losing weight via various methods.

Some choose gym, as they feel it can harmlessly help them get lean, but it is tough to continue the gym when you have limited passion of fitness as within month or so you will feel it is a burden on your life, whereas some people choose sports, which turns out the better option if you have lack of passion for fitness as once you start enjoying any kinda sport you will automatically get fitter day by day.

But the thing is which sport is best for fitness, for me Lacrosse has been one magical sport that gives me fun as well as keep me fit.

Lacrosse – Quick Fitness & Fun Sport


Lacrosse ts a sport played with sticks and ball, lacrosse sticks are built with head with net, so overall it needs a lot of skills to be played and also some power in your arms and legs as you will need to run a lot on this sport.

So while doing these things in tandem, you tend burn a lot of calories hence you will lose weight every week if you are playing 3-4 times a week and you will get leaner if you play lacrosse about every single day in a week.

Which means Lacrosse is one of the top sports for fitness, the only thing you need to care is choose right lacrosse stick to play with as it will help you improve and enjoy the game, choosing wrong lacrosse stick might make you lose your interest in the sport so make sure you choose the right one with right weight so you can play for long period of time.

How to Lose Weight at Home?

Do you want to lose weight at home?

Have tons of questions in your mind regarding the same?

Thinking about craving yourself to lose weight at home?

Shedding pounds does not generally expect you to go hungry or spend a lot of cash to purchase practice gear. You can simply sit at home and do it. A great many people pick an eating routine that progressions all that they eat. Nonetheless, it is hard to stick to such weight control plans. An arrangement to diminish weight at home ought not deny you of anything. He should center around eating soundly. Here is my few steps about how to get in shape at home.

How to stay fit at home?

stay fit at home


1. Build up Your Mood

You need to think of a “let me get more fit” environment in your home in light of the fact that getting in shape at home isn’t so natural with the kitchen in that spot. In this way, simply remodel your home a bit, as by diminish lighting in the kitchen and lounge area, so the nourishment does not appear to be so enticing to you. Analysts assert that lighting influences nourishment to appear to be alluring. Another unfathomable thought is to put tunes that mitigate you and decrease your characteristic propensity to indulge.

2. Abatement Size

There is bunches of research that say that individuals have a tendency to eat more than they need when their nourishment is put on a huge plate. The bigger the dish, regardless of how much sustenance you put in, you think you are gobbling less and you wind up eating more. The vast majority eat as indicated by the span of the dish and not as per the measure of the sustenance. So simply ahead and purchase utensils. Purchase dishes and spoons littler than the ones you have. Remain as far from substantial wine glasses as could be allowed.

3. Eat

Try not to skip breakfast. By beginning your day with solid breakfast you will control hunger for the duration of the day. This isolates your craving similarly and controls your hunger. It has been discovered that individuals who have solid breakfast all the time will probably get in shape. Along these lines, on the off chance that you need to know how to shed pounds at home, never skip breakfast!

4. Try not to Skip Meals

Specialists say that going hungry does not enable you to get more fit. To be unique, diets don’t function as much as individuals say. Indeed, when you eat, a portion of the fat is put away for later use without sustenance. This fat is put away in overabundance when you skip suppers. In the event that you need to figure out how to get in shape at home, don’t skip dinners! Try not to be on an unfilled stomach for over five hours, neither inside nor outside.

5. Sound Lifestyle

A standout amongst the best goals for individuals taking a gander at how to get more fit at home is to have a solid way of life. For instance, go from the stairs rather than the lift, stroll to your transport stop or do the housework when giving the cleaning specialist a get-away if your timetable does not enable you to be dynamic for the required 30 minutes of activity.

6. Eat Right

As per Appetite magazine, satisfying sustenances abandon you feeling more full and ought to be eaten first. For instance, on the off chance that you take soup, meat, or other substantial nourishments toward the start of the supper, you wind up eating less. On the off chance that you need to get thinner at home quick, soft drinks, noodles, breakfast oats, cakes, pies, saltines and pastries ought to be totally dispensed with from your eating routine.

7. Cut Calories

To figure out how to get more fit at home, you should know about your calorie admission. By following this technique, you don’t need to starve yourself, simply control your calorie admission. You can do this by investigating the fixings exhibit in specific sustenances previously you get them. All nourishments have the quantity of calories specified on the name. Diminishing calorie admission fills in as the most ideal approach to lessen weight in your home.

8. Remain Out Of The Kitchen

On the off chance that you take your PC to the kitchen or stroll through it while chatting on the telephone, you are probably going to remain nearby to nourishment constantly and consequently need to eat. Similarly as you feel less rest when working some place far from the bed, your inclination to eat is much lower when you are not in the kitchen.

On the off chance that you are a grown-up carrying on with a stationary way of life, you require 2000 to 2500 calories day by day and eating that sum won’t make you fat, it will just abandon you solid. To get in shape you have to slice 250 to 500 calories from your day by day allow. This should be possible effectively by eating nourishments that have low calories and numerous proteins, vitamins and minerals. Vegetables, products of the soil can be eaten in adjusted sums. Compose this now!

9. Practice Some Aerobic Exercise

Oxygen consuming activities like running, strolling, accelerating and swimming are principal to boosting your body digestion and influencing your body to move to consume more fat as a wellspring of vitality. What’s more, high-impact practice gives you more vitality for the entire day, more perseverance and enhances your state of mind.

At home, you can complete an activity bicycle session, hop rope, keep running on a treadmill or complete a session of the circular mentor. These are the least demanding and best approaches to raise your pulse for twenty minutes or more. On the off chance that you would prefer not to purchase any gear to do your oxygen consuming activity at home, check whether you can walk or eat in the road or stop close to your home.

10. Do Muscle Exercises

By building more muscles, your body will have the capacity to consume more calories. This will happen even very still. Your body begins to consume more calories constantly, not simply amid physical exercises. What’s more, practices that work your muscles help shape your body.

You don’t have to complete a few confined activities to get results. Furthermore, you needn’t bother with hardware either. Attempt to begin with one exercise for each muscle gathering and do this arrangement of activities a few times each week and things will work out very well, in most cases you don’t really need to push to hard just focus, patience & persistence can work for you.